Overnight in the Okavango

Perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea… …that was my sneaking worry as we headed toward the Okavango Delta, clutching the single bag of worldly possessions that we were permitted to take with us on our overnight stay. The Okavango is a wild, sprawling wetland in Botswana and popular stomping ground for cantankerous hippopotamuses – one … More Overnight in the Okavango

The Carretera Austral

The Carretera Austral is not your average road.  Weaving past the natural obstacles of Patagonia’s rugged landscape, it forges a path through some of the most beautiful and remote parts of southern Chile.  As our truck carefully navigated the winding way, I attempted to peer through the shifting veil of mist which obscured much of the wild scenery. … More The Carretera Austral

Crossing the Golfo de Corcovado (“don’t mention the boat!”)

Boat night – the night that shall never be forgotten.  When I look back on our journey across the Golfo de Corcovado, I always think of that infamous line from Fawlty Towers – “don’t mention the war!”  Only in this case, it was a night of sleepless hell that would become the forbidden topic; an episode of … More Crossing the Golfo de Corcovado (“don’t mention the boat!”)

Overlanding to the end of the world

“Fin del Mundo”, or “The end of the world” in English – that’s how they describe Ushuaia, the Earth’s most southern city.  Located on Argentina’s curling tail, it’s the launchpad for trips to Antarctica and would become the finishing point of my adventure down the spine of Chile and through Patagonia’s legendary wilderness. With twenty-four … More Overlanding to the end of the world

A Symphony of Lightning

I stared across the water at the multi-coloured buildings, searching the sky for a sign that the show was about to begin.  I felt like a child on Bonfire Night, eagerly anticipating the first firework.  Only this was no firework display, but Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights – a ten minute laser show spectacular which illuminates the magnificent … More A Symphony of Lightning