Hello and welcome to Free-Spirited Travel – the world as seen by me.

Free-Spirited Travel is about embracing life and travelling on your own terms.  It’s about inspiring people to explore this amazing world, no matter where they go or how they choose to get there.

Aitutaki, Cook Islands
Aitutaki, Cook Islands

About me

One of my favourite types of travel is adventure in the great outdoors, exploring incredible natural wonders up-close. I also love learning about foreign cultures, meeting new people, and discovering how they live their lives in other parts of the world.

53) Incense smoke 2
Lighting incense, Nara, Japan

I hope my blog gives you a small taste of the countries I’ve travelled to, perhaps inspiring you to go to a place you’ve never visited before or try a new experience that you might not have even considered.

Thanks for visiting site.


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